Sony VAIO Laptop Charger - 19.5V 6.2A

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Manufacturer: Sony VAIO (Laptop Chargers)
Model: VGP-AC19V46

Description: Original Sony VAIO laptop charger, power adapter VGP-AC19V46 Output Voltage & Amps: 19.5V 6.2A (120W) Input: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz (Worldwide Use)



  • Genuine Laptop AC adapter.
  • Guaranteed to meet the specifications of your laptop.
  • Laptop safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating.
  • CE approved Power Cord included (UK or European).
  • For European orders we supply Euro power cords.
  • Connector size: 6.5*4.4mm 100% Genuine parts.
  • All our laptop chargers come with a 12 months Return to Base Warranty.


Please note that this product is manufactured by Sony VAIO and is exactly as seen in the product image.


Delivery details: Our laptop chargers come in a secured and sealed packaging box. Royal Mail first class delivery (For large orders we use TNT Couriers) UK delivery 1-2 days European orders 3-4 days 12 months warranty certificate included VAT invoice and delivery note


Compatible model with:

  • VAIO PCG-8G1L 
  • VAIO PCG-8J1L  
  • VAIO PCG-8L1L 
  • VAIO PCG-8L2L  
  • VAIO PCG-8L2M  
  • VAIO PCG-8L3L  
  • VAIO PCG-8L3M  
  • VAIO PCG-8M1R  
  • VAIO PCG-8M2L  
  • VAIO PCG-8M2R  
  • VAIO PCG-8M3L  
  • VAIO PCG-8M4L  
  • VAIO PCG-8N1L  
  • VAIO PCG-8N2L 
  • VAIO PCG-8N3L  
  • VAIO PCG-8N4L 
  • VAIO PCG-8P3M  
  • VAIO PCG-8Q1L 


Please ask us about your specific laptop model. +44 (0)121 472 0130